Stay Away From Sweat In Safety Shoes : How To Do ?

1.Why are the feet wet?

feet wet

When the feet are stuffed in the shoes all day long, it is not surprising that the feet start to sweat and smell. We can’t always walk barefoot to prevent sweating. We still have to keep our feet and shoes clean to effectively remove sweaty soles and bid farewell to embarrassing foot odors.

In fact, it is normal to have foot sweat or a little more foot sweat. The reason why people sweat is because there are sweat glands to help us wick away sweat. The feet are the parts with more sweat glands, and there are about 6000 per square centimeter on the feet. The left and right sweat glands, there are about 25 sweat glands in the feet, and these sweat glands are more vigorous than those in other parts of the body, so the feet love to sweat. Under normal circumstances, the feet can secrete 500ml of sweat per day.

Sweat glands are distributed throughout your body and have their uses, but the stench produced by sweat glands makes it difficult for people to realize the key role of temperature regulation.

2.Why can’t we take off our work shoes while working?

Feet sweat

The boots you wear at work are usually lined with thick linings, although comfortable, they become very warm and cause my feet to wear work boots.

This is why you cannot take off your work shoes in the factory or when you are surrounded by people, because it will give off a pungent smell.

It’s a shame when someone working environment has a wrinkled nose and looks around looking for the source of the unpleasant smell, because you know is you.Now, before deciding to change the way footwear works, you should know what causes your feet to sweat a lot. We think this may be caused by one of the following three reasons.

  • 1.) Severe sweating, called hyperhidrosis

  • 2.) The condition of the feet varies from person to person, and

  • 3.)Extremely hot climate

3.How to keep feet from sweating in work boots?

Safety shoes are not like ordinary sports shoes. When workers wear shoes to work, their feet are particularly prone to sweat, if safety shoes cannot keep their feet dry. Workers’ shoes may get wet easily, which affects the comfort of work. And over time, it will produce an unpleasant smell.

So where exactly can safety shoes keep the feet dry? Generally speaking, the inner lining of safety shoes is the main factor to keep the shoes dry. Generally, high-end safety shoes will use honeycomb breathable knitted fabric as their internal material. This material is more breathable, thick and comfortable, and can not only protect the feet. It is comfortable and safe, and it is more breathable, keeping the feet dry. Of course, some breathable flying woven safety shoes have a breathable effect on their uppers, and their breathability is similar to that of sports shoes. So their whole body is ventilated everywhere to keep their feet dry.

However, industrial safety shoes and construction safety shoes are generally made of leather uppers. Their uppers are not very breathable. If a good breathable lining is not used, their breathability will be very poor, causing the feet Humidity causes discomfort for workers. So breathable lining is very important, which is also an important factor in keeping safety shoes dry.

Second, the insoles of safety shoes are also very important. The insoles are the key to maintaining good circulation inside the safety shoes. Without a good pair of insoles, the gas inside the safety shoes will not easily cause circulation, which will result in insufficient ventilation and make the feet damp. If we don’t use a pair of good breathable and sweat-absorbent insoles for the sports shoes we wear, their breathability will be greatly reduced, which will affect the breathability and comfort of the sports shoes. Therefore, the insole of safety shoes is also an important cause of dry feet, which should not be ignored!

9 tips to ensure dry feet

electrician steel toe boots

  • 1. Pay attention when buying work shoes. Be sure to buy shoes with good air permeability. Some shoes have vents on the sides and sole. This kind of safety shoes are particularly ventilated. To a certain extent, it can keep the shoes dry. Based on the work you do, you must choose your work boots. If your job does not allow you to run around or work in a water-filled area, you can simply choose lightweight boots so that your feet will feel cooler and you will have less sweating problems.

  • 2.You can use alum water to soak your feet. Soak your feet with alum water to make your feet dry. Some sweaty feet will not sweat a lot after soaking for a period of time.

  • 3.Wear cotton socks, change socks every day, and dry shoes every day. Socks can absorb sweat, keep your feet dry. Or put a lime bag, desiccant, etc. in the shoes. Let the shoes dry.

  • 4. Use a little talcum powder puff on your feet before putting on shoes every day. Use a hair dryer to dry your feet before putting on your shoes. This will keep your shoes dry for a long time. Before putting on the work boots, apply foot powder on your feet, as it can keep your feet dry by absorbing the moisture generated by the feet.

  • 5. Usually eat more foods that can dispel dampness, such as red beans. Barley rice. This can dehumidify the body, and sweaty feet are actually a manifestation of heavy body moisture. Except for the moisture in the body, your feet will no longer be sweaty, and of course the shoes will dry out.

  • 6.Nothing is more effective than strict foot cleaning. After taking off your boots, you need to wash your feet frequently with soap and regularly apply lotion on your feet to control sweating and odor.
  • 7..Take time to clean your work boots,cleaning your shoes frequently. Don’t worry about damaging the work boots, because they are strong and they are much worse to handle than careful cleaning. Take more time to clean the inside of the work boots, as this is your target area, and then it is best to dry it in the sun.If the boot remains damp, it will become more smelly and lose its purpose of cleaning.

  • 8.Buy different types of safety shoe insoles. There are some available insoles. They are made of natural elements such as bamboo and charcoal to help keep your feet dry and control odors.

  • 9.Get a good foot deodorant. This may be the best way to prevent sweat, because you only need to spray some liquid on your feet to stop working. It is not known that these deodorants can cause skin rashes. It is safe to use them on your feet and shoes.


So, if you take these 9 suggestions we gave you, I believe it will help your work shoes that are prone to getting wet, keep your work boots dry and keep sweating. Secondly, it is important to choose the safety shoes that suit you. Some low-quality safety shoes have poor air permeability, so don’t choose too low-quality safety shoes.

Our factory supports customization. We only produce high-quality safety shoes. Use the best materials to keep your feet dry. Protect the comfort of workers’ feet.

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