Why have worker shoes become a fashion?

Why have worker shoes become a fashion?What are the differences between worker shoes and ordinary shoes?

In recent years more and more people are wearing worker shoes when they go out and play, so why have worker shoes become a fashion?

Firstly: safety is the main concern and can protect the feet from harm
In order to better protect the feet, Teenro shoe manufacturers have thought out all the dangers that can be caused to the feet, and have also developed and produced safety worker shoes that specifically resist these dangerous functions, such as worker shoes with anti-slip, insulating, anti-static, anti-puncture and anti-smash functions, and also multifunctional combinations that can be chosen according to the environment. So when you are at work or out and about you may have to face these dangers you can wear stylish and safe worker shoes, leaving the safety of your feet in the hands of Teenro shoes is definitely a good choice.

Secondly: Teenro safety shoes have been developed with an invisible steel toe that is not visible from the outside.

The appearance is very fashionable, and the whole is light and comfortable. From the appearance and experience, there is no difference with the sports shoes we usually wear, but the additional protection function is safer.

In summary, Teenro shoes are fashionable, light and comfortable, and can protect the feet, so more and more people are choosing to wear worker shoes on a daily basis, turning them into a fashion.

The difference between worker shoes and ordinary shoes is noted in.
1, different needs: worker shoes is to protect the safety of the foot, to prevent safety hazards wearing the. With the protection function as the first demand, weight, beauty and breathability are secondary demands. Ordinary shoes do not have enough functions to protect safety, do not wear ordinary shoes in the operating environment.

2, the material is different: ordinary shoes for the material has no special requirements, wear leather, reversible leather, cloth surface may only be beautiful needs. And for worker shoes for materials are strict requirements, such as welding scenes, welders are generally recommended to use flip-flop leather materials, will be better than the black leather surface, such as the operating environment, water, oil more, also recommended to use rubber soles, and not recommended polyurethane (PU) soles.

Teenro has its own independent testing room, which can complete the functional testing of worker shoes to ensure that Each pair of shoes meets international standards before they leave the factory.

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