Anti-static safety shoes are indispensable in winter

I believe that we are not unfamiliar with static electricity. In the cold winter, static electricity is the most. When you get up in the morning to comb your hair, your hair will often float with the comb; When you take off your clothes, you will encounter a crackling sound; Sometimes when you pull the door handle and turn on the tap, you often hear a “pop” sound accompanied by blue light, which means that you have experienced an electrostatic discharge. It can be imagined that in the industrial environment, this may have more serious consequences.

It is believed that we are no strangers to anti-static shoes. In production and life, anti-static shoes have already occupied a large number of heels in various production fields, and large quantities of anti-static products have also followed. Anti-static measures shall be taken to effectively restrain the dust generated by workers walking in the dust-free room and reduce their electrostatic hazards. Anti-static safety shoes are essential to get rid of static electricity when winter comes.

Antistatic shoes are made by adding special materials to the soles and adding conductive wires on the insoles, so that the human body and the ground become a “path”, which leads static electricity from the human body to the ground and eliminates static charges on the human body. It is mainly applicable to electronic plants, chemical plants, petroleum enterprises, pharmaceutical plants and other industries. It is a kind of safety shoes that can reduce the harm that static electricity may cause to instruments or human bodies.


Because most of the dust-free environments are workshops that are engaged in medical equipment or electronic equipment, if there are objects with static electricity contacting zero potential objects (grounded objects) or objects with potential difference, charge transfer will occur. That is, we see spark discharge every day. Therefore, we need to equip a pair of anti-static safety shoes to ensure the normal operation of the working environment and protect our own safety.

How do we correctly choose anti-static safety shoes in winter?


The comfort of light and breathable winter safety shoes is generally OK, but many insulating shoes and boots are bulky and heavy. Some winter safety shoes brands have paid attention to this and made further improvements in the sole material of insulating shoes, so that you can wear them comfortably while helping everyone work efficiently.


Wearing winter safety shoes is more likely to make your feet sweat, and the heavier your feet are, the more tired your feet are. It is worth considering to make a brand of light, thin and breathable winter safety shoes.


For safety shoes in heavy industry in winter, buyers must not try to get cheap. The bones of people are generally fragile in winter, so the protective performance of safety shoes should be high. If you wear them, you will feel hard and uncomfortable. The quality of shoes covering your feet can be imagined. In terms of performance, safety shoes in general heavy industry should be breathable, anti-skid and wear-resistant.

According to the specific construction environment, anti-smashing, anti-puncture, anti-static and other performance should also be considered. Some safety shoes brand manufacturers have many types of safety shoes, and use the service concept to meet the customization of various safety shoes.


Raw materials also have a very important impact on the quality of anti-static safety shoes. The process requirements of safety shoes in winter are relatively high, but many purchasers ignore whether the raw materials are environmentally friendly and safe. Materials such as glue and wool used for safety shoes in winter need to have inspection reports.

If low-quality, environment-friendly and even toxic raw materials are used, safety shoes may be cheaper, but the consequences are endless. Don’t be greedy for cheap prices. More importantly, we should pay attention to whether the raw materials of safety shoes in winter are up to standard, whether the after-sales service system is perfect, and whether the delivery date is timely.


The place where anti-static safety shoes are used shall be anti-static ground; The anti-static shoes should be used together with the anti-static clothes. Pay attention to the cleanness, waterproof and moisture-proof of the products; When you want to minimize the harm of static electricity, please choose ESD anti-static shoes with low resistance.

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