Top 10 best lightweight safety shoes in Teenro®

1.Why do most lightweight safety shoes use flying fabrics?

Flying knitting is flying thread knitting, knitted with polyester fibers and other materials, does not require stitching, does not produce friction areas, and is light and breathable; flying knitting integrated vamp uses 3D integrated molding technology with yarns of various colors As a raw material, a completely seamless single-layer upper is woven using a new weaving process.

Therefore, Flying weave safety shoes have also emerged! The entire upper of Fei-woven safety shoes is integrally formed. This is a brand-new upper technology, which is very light and breathable.

2.The following 10 High evaluation Light Safety Shoes(flying fabric)

①New Design breathable comfortable safety shoes


Details On Teenro®

This light safety shoes for womens adopts the most popular flying knit shoe design in 2021.
This shoe adopts the most popular flying knit shoe design in 2021. The yellow stripes and black matching soles are also very distinctive. Instead of using a very single pure black rubber sole, it incorporates yellow that fits the whole.
The shoelace design is also very special.

The toe cap has a steel toe that prevents smashing and puncture. The sole is divided into three layers, the first is the rubber outsole, and the midsole uses a lighter Kevlar sole, Kevlar bullet-proof cloth midsole, flexible and tear-resistant.

The top layer of insole is an ordinary soft insole to increase our walking comfort.
The shoe logo design is also very eye-catching. The overall design is relatively clean and tidy, which restores the lightness and comfort of flying shoes to the greatest extent.
For those who want to protect your toes but want to keep it simple and stylish, these shoes are for you.

Non slip breathable lightweight high quality safety shoes 


The color of this shoes is very eye-catching, and the color is made in many, very beautiful colors. It is really a pair of beautiful and safe shoes. It is very beautiful there are more color designs, women can also choose this shoes.
This safety shoes is quite outstanding in terms of color matching, with gray blue and red in terms of color matching. This light shoes is also more prominent in the sole. It uses the lightest outsole material of safety shoes-EVA sole. EVA outsole is the lightest and softest of all outsoles. Some customers said that this shoes is like It’s as soft as stepping on cotton candy.
Those who want to climb, explore, and camp can choose this super comfortable and lightweight EVA safety shoes.



  • 1.Dazzling colors
  • 2.Soft Outsole

  • 3.Suitable For Outdoor

  • 1.Not Wearable

③Ultra lightweight safety trainers within steel toe for anti-smash 

Details On Teenro®

Black and gray can be said to be the most popular matching colors in 2021, simple and generous.
The rubber outsole also adds anti-skid, wear-resistant and puncture-resistant features. The strap design is really good, very cool and beautiful.
The logo design is simple and atmospheric, with a very nice personality.

The midsole abandons the heavy iron midsole, but uses a softer and more comfortable Kevlar midsole.

The strap design is really good, very cool and beautiful. Part-time job is the favorite design of trendy people. The logo design is simple and atmospheric, with a very nice personality.
The characteristic of this shoe is anti-smash and anti-puncture.

④Men’s industry lightweight steel toed boots

This lightweight steel toe work boots is designed for men.
The outsole also uses the EVA outsole used in most sports running shoes.
This steel toe work boots has a thicker outsole and better shock absorption performance, making it more comfortable to wear.
Suitable for high-risk bounce running operators.The sole of this shoes is very thick with strong comfort, the sole is particularly soft, and the quality is really good.
EVA outsole is very light to wear, and the black design is very dirt-resistant. You can’t tell how dirty this shoe is even if you wear it for a long time, because it is originally black.
3.especially for the workers.
Site builders operators can give priority to this lightweight men’s safety shoes.

⑤Fashionable High Quality lightweight comfortable work boots


At the request of customers who want to protect their ankles, the new lightweight fly-knit safety boots in 2021 have also been launched.
Work boots are really rare. Such beautiful and comfortable work boots are rare. The two designs of black and gray show the designer’s well-intentioned design. The color that young people love most at the moment is the most fashionable and popular. This safety shoes is particularly cool in design, and younger friends can also give priority to it.
This safety shoes incorporates the lightness and beauty of sports shoes and adds the toe protection function of safety shoes.
Adding a red ribbon to the shoelace design really highlights the individuality. Everyone’s feet are different, there are fat, thin, wide, narrow, long and short, and the elastic design of the mouth of this shoe can just stretch, no matter what your foot shape is, you can easily go in.
Friends who pursue fashion can give priority to it.



  • 1.Cool Design
  • 2.Suitable For Young People

  • 3.Pursue Fashion

  • 1.Poor Slip Resistance

⑥Non slip breathable anti-smash lightweight steel toe work shoes

Details On Teenro®

Lightweight steel toe work shoes for women is coming!
In order to consider that women are usually tired to walk, a gentle color system, the weight is only as heavy as one apple.Women’s toes are more fragile, and you should choose a safety shoe that suits you to protect your feet.
This rubber outsole and kevlar midsole will protect our fragile toes very well.In the hot summer, when you feel stuffy when wearing other shoes, your feet are not breathable and sweaty.
This shoes uses thick and thin interlaced knitting, which will bring your feet cool in the hot summer. As we all know, many countries have tropical rain forest climate, which is very humid and hot all year round, and your feet can get breath in this steel toe shoes.
The quick-drying function of this shoe can be dried without exposing it to the shade for a few hours. It is very convenient to wear and use.
Soft and comfortable safety shoes-the best choice for women.

⑦2021 comfortable women’s lightweight work boots

Are you busy working on construction sites or mining, you don’t even have time to bow your head and tie your shoelaces?
The shoelaces can be easily loosened for a whole day, eliminating the risk of loose shoelaces.
Adopting the popular design of 2021, the rubber outsole increases the friction with the ground to increase the stability.This black and gray pair of shoes has always been a hot item in our store in 2021.
Our company has summarized three reasons why this shoe can become a hot item in our website.

First, This pair of shoes has strong breathability and is a very light and comfortable safety shoes.
Second, This shoes is more slip resistant and wear resistant. The rubber outsole increases the stability and wear resistance of the shoe, and it will not slip even in a relatively humid environment.
Third, It is that the price is relatively cheap, combining so many advantages and beautiful appearance, and the price is more suitable for most people’s choice, so this safety shoes is more popular.

The best choice for Distributor bulk purchase.

⑧Anti-slip breathable comfortable work shoes 

As shown in the picture, if you work on a construction site, this shoe can protect your feet from nails. You can walk on the ground at will, without looking at the road or worrying about your feet being injured.

Why is it so comfortable?
Because it does not use leather, but uses textile materials, this material not only does not have the tightness of leather, but also very soft and light.

Comfortable safety shoes can step on stones and nails at will, will not pierce the soles, and can protect your feet from injury.
Taking into account the safety shoes for night work, this safety shoes also added the element of reflective strips, allowing you to work at night without worrying about injury.

⑨2021 Summer men’s safety shoes lightweight

If you are looking for a safety shoes for ladies, this is it
1. Men Design
2. Prevent Squeezing And Trampling;
3. Don’t Worry About Hurting Your Toes.
The breathable mesh design brings coolness to the hot summer, and the heel pad design adds elasticity and is very comfortable to wear. The outsole of the shoes uses a combination of rubber and EVA soles, which maximizes the comfort and slip resistance of the shoes.
This may be your best choice for comfortable safety shoes.

⑩New Cheap ladies lightweight safety shoes

Details On Teenro®

This style is one of the best-selling styles in 2021.
It has a very innovative design and color, which combines the beauty of sports shoes and the functions of safety shoes to the greatest extent.This shoe cleverly blends the popular leopard print elements into the shoe design visually.

The rigidity that is not like leopard print adds lively elements in, making this shoe more design and aesthetic. This shoe is one of the most popular designs the new year and is very popular with hand-made ladies.

ladies pain is stronger than men’s, so they should choose a suitable and beautiful safety shoe to protect their feet.
ladies who love fashion women prefer light and comfortable safety shoes.

Bottom Line:

I have outlined all the information on getting 10 different types of lightweight safety shoes that are suitable for your intended use and suitable for your situation, which are still fashionable and reasonably priced. I know that the final choice is still yours.

However, I think, I strongly recommend that you can choose the 5th Fashionable High Quality lightweight comfortable work boots. It has all the characteristics of suitable lightweight safety shoes, such as breathability and perspiration, excellent appearance design, lightweight Kevlar midsole, steel toe cap that protects the feet from falling in the workplace, soft PU shell, and extended ankle Implement effective protection, he is destined to be one of our hot products this year

Another good choice should be the 10th New Cheap ladies lightweight safety shoes. The price/performance ratio of this safety shoe is very good. At the same time, it is close to women’s tastes, more in line with women’s aesthetics, and suitable for most workplace situations. You will not only be at work but also in life, it is also a good choice.

Of course, our company not only has these 10 lightweight and comfortable safety shoes, we also have many different shoe types. If you are interested in our company’s products, you can contact us and we will provide professional services.

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