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TEENRO is a brand focus on safety shoes .

Go To Work On A Safety shoes,Don't Leave Home Without Safety shoes.

Our Mission
Here at Teenro (Quanzhou Zhengwei Trading Co.(泉州市峥为贸易有限公司))brand Indestructible work Shoes, our mission is to provide comfortable, stylish, and safe work shoes that are built for comfort. is to improve the lives of laborers by offering not only lightweight, but affordable safety shoes... so you don't have to keep wearing heavy boots.
We don't skimp out on our materials - we only use extremely durable and lightweight material to ensure that our footwear solutions are strong, safe, and built to last for years.
Each and every day, we're hard at work looking at new designs, styles, and footwear solutions that can help the working individual ensure that their feet are protected at all costs.
Safety shoes are protective footwear that must be equipped with a toe cap.
Men's Women's Safety Shoes Including Work Boots, safety shoes including steel-toe and other industrial footwear.Hiking Boots & Shoes

Our vision
We like to envision ourselves as more than just a footwear company. In our minds, we're helping out the working individual by providing them with a quality footwear solution built to last in a wide variety of working environments.
All our steel toe shoes are designed with laborers in mind. Whether you are an electrician or engineer, outdoor enthusiast or home renovator, we determine to produce professional work shoes to satisfy customer's expectation, our shoes are built for you.
Widely-use: Perfect for construction site, exploitation site, forging workshop or manufacture use. In the tough working environment, our steel toe shoes are guaranteed to be comfortable, durable and safe, it can also work as hiking shoes for outdoor use


IF you have any question about the shoes, please contact with us. We are always ready to help. Feel free to contact at info@teenro.com

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Company:Quanzhou Zhengwei Trading Co.

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