How do I wear my feet in summer with breathable work shoes?

How do I wear my feet in summer with breathable work shoes?
Safety shoes are protective work shoes that protect the feet of all frontline workers engaged in heavy industries such as machine manufacturing, construction sites, railway construction, coal mining, mould production and so on. Newly bought safety shoes, wear always like to wear feet, even hundreds of thousands of safety shoes are sometimes so, making workers wearing very painful!

According to years of experience in production, summer breathable work shoes have a few tips to solve the problem of new safety shoes grinding feet and pinching feet to share with you here. The two places where new safety shoes are more likely to rub the feet are the heel and the outside of the big toe.

1, use a wet towel to cover the part of the safety shoes that wear your feet for a few minutes, then take a dry soft towel and wrap it around the squeezed feet, knock a few times with a hammer to level the place that wears your feet, the leather becomes soft and flat and then it won't wear your feet.

2, take a newspaper, pinch into a ball, dip some water, not too wet, but to the whole group are drenched in water, and then take a dry newspaper wrapped in wet newspaper, stuffed in the squeeze foot parts, and then sealed in a plastic bag, overnight, it can be.

3、If the summer breathable work shoes are too small and pinch your feet, you may want to use a wet towel to cover the wet, and then use a shoe wedge to prop up the big, so that the summer work shoes are smooth to wear.

4、Before putting on the safety shoes, take a piece of soap (the usual candle can also be used) in contact with the heel of the more part of a thin layer of wipe, summer work shoes will therefore become smooth and no longer wear feet.

5, no matter which place is grinding to your feet, you will apply a little bit of white wine in the place of grinding feet, to ensure that it is not grinding.

6、Newly bought safety shoes rub your feet, when you wear them, you can use a hair dryer to soften the heel and the front part of the foot pressure before wearing them, the effect is good.

7, go to the supermarket to buy heel stickers, according to the above instructions, stick on the line. Not only does it not rub the ankle, but it also makes the safety shoes more flattering to the feet, which is good.

About the summer work shoes grinding feet approach to say here, I hope it will help you

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