Anti-static work shoes for men not wearing well still can anti-static?

Anti-static steel toe shoes are often used in electronic production workshops as work shoes for workers in clean rooms. They are mainly used in environments that are susceptible to electronic interference, damage to electronic components or flammability and explosiveness.

  Can anti-static work shoes for men still be anti-static if they are not worn properly? Some users at work do not have a correct understanding of the role of anti-static work shoes for men, often do not put anti-static work shoes for men dressed intact, what is the danger of such a situation? The labor insurance shoes manufacturers and everyone to say a word, anti-static work shoes for men did not wear a good can still anti-static?

First of all, let's take a look at the main role of anti-static work shoes for men.

1, anti-static.

  Anti-static steel toe tennis shoes can eliminate both the accumulation of static electricity in the human body and prevent electric shock from power sources below 250V. Of course it is necessary to consider steel toe tennis shoes sole insulation to prevent the hazards of induction or electric shock.

2, electrical insulation.

  Anti-static best work shoes can make a person's feet and electrically charged objects insulated, to prevent the protection of electric shock.


  Anti-static best work shoes outsole materials used rubber, polyurethane, etc., the United States on the anti-static best work shoes outsole performance and hardness to make clear provisions, to be tested with folding, abrasion resistance tester and hardness tester. When choosing shoes with fingers to press the sole must be elastic, touching the feeling of not sticky hands, bending soft as good.

  The effectiveness of anti-static tredsafe shoes can not be ignored, but there are always some employees do not take anti-static tredsafe shoes seriously, they do not understand the significance of anti-static tredsafe shoes, in order to save time not to wear anti-static tredsafe shoes, so that the heel is exposed, so of course, can not let the anti-static tredsafe shoes The anti-static black work boots are made by means of a shoe that has been designed to be worn by a person who has been exposed.

  Anti-static black work boots are connected to the conductive floor through the sole and release static electricity, if employees do not wear good anti-static work shoes, feet and anti-static work shoes are not connected, or anti-static work shoes are not connected to the conductive floor, any link may not make it play the effectiveness of anti-static.

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