Winter steel toe shoes purchase notice and cleaning method

Winter has arrived, many places have begun to prepare some winter supplies, and the front-line workers in the factory, also need to take off the single shoes, put on thick winter steel toe shoes, then when the winter steel toe shoes purchase notice is issued, next Teenro will take you to understand. (Why is the winter work shoes purchase notice generally released in autumn, Teenro winter steel toe shoes purchase notice released)

1, one reason is to give the majority of users know in advance that they need to buy winter steel toe shoes, to give you time to choose the product you want, is not suitable for their work environment, price and other aspects is not suitable
The second aspect is to see how many winter steel toe shoes are scheduled, whether the factory has to rush to do these steel toe shoes, or whether the single quantity is relatively small and does not need to be produced a long time in advance.
3, so the general winter steel toe shoes purchase notice issued are reasonable, in immediately need but not yet needed, released in advance is the best choice.

How are steel toe shoes cleaned?

1, For steel toe shoes, first use a large shoe brush to brush the shoe as a whole to see if there is a stain along the raised part of the shoe.
2, then in these stained parts of the shoe edge and seam, use a small shoe brush to gently brush off some stains.
3, Then loosen the laces and use the small shoe brush to brush out any stains that are not visible on the outside.
4, Pour cleaning oil on the cloth and apply it all over the shoe, remove the old shoe polish from the shoe, take another cloth and dip it in a little shoe polish, apply it all over the shoe, polish the whole shoe with a clean soft cloth and rub it carefully.
5、Finally use spraying waterproof mist to prevent water intrusion and also to avoid easy staining with dirt, wait for the water mist to dry, and then use the shoe last to protect the shoe.

What do I need to pay attention to when cleaning steel toe shoes?

1. When cleaning steel-toed shoes, be careful not to use solvents as cleaning agents!

2. For some special purpose steel toe shoes, such as insulated steel toe shoes or anti-static steel toe shoes, the soles must be cleaned frequently if dirt is present to avoid any impact on the conductivity and anti-static properties of the labour protection shoes. And you can't just change the structure of the steel toe shoes, the random transformation will have a negative impact on the safety of the steel toe shoes.

Finally, if you don't use steel-toed shoes, you should pay attention to storing them in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place, and be careful not to expose them to the sun.

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