Top 5 welding boots & shoes in Teenro®

1.Why do we need welding boots?

The main function of foot protection products is to protect workers from occupational hazards or reduce occupational hazards caused by accidents during the production process.

Among the many types of work, welding is a highly dangerous technical work. The temperature generated by welding is very high, and it is accompanied by splashing sparks and welding slag. Therefore, as a welding worker, it is very necessary to wear welding shoes or Welding boots

2.What boots are good for welding?

Welding safety boots have the characteristics of high temperature protection, electrical insulation, and toe protection. The shoe cover prevents welding splash from falling into the shoe from the mouth of the shoe.

Welding shoes must be safety shoes that are heat-resistant, insulated, and wear-resistant and non-slip. The upper of safety shoes is generally made of cowhide, cow split leather, pigskin or other natural leather. The shoe upper has flame resistance, and the burning speed is required to be no more than 1m/s. The upper sole is combined with a molding process, high-waisted style, and the shoe mouth is rolled with foamed plastic, which is comfortable to wear and protects the ankle from friction.

3.Why are welding shoes so demanding on materials?


Because the flame, arc, hot weldments, splashing metal droplets, red hot electrode tips and slag in the welding process are the main heat sources that cause welding accidents; and some materials must be welded before welding. Preheating, the preheating temperature can reach 150~300℃.

In addition, there are many opportunities to contact electricity during welding operation, such as the wrong connection of the live wire and the neutral wire caused by the failure of the electric welding equipment or the circuit, the reverse connection of the welding transformer, and the wrong connection Into the high-voltage circuit, as well as the insulation damage between the primary winding of the welding transformer and the secondary flexing group, etc., will cause 220V, 380V voltage to appear on the secondary circuit such as the welding gun (or welding torch), workbench, etc., so electric shock is also a danger for electric welding operations. one.

4.Teenro® welding boots & shoes

4.1 Anti-skid safety protection welder steel toe boots

Details On Teenro ®

This welder steel toe boots focuses on the field of welding protection, professionally protect your safety, electric welding anti-spark surface. European standard steel toe anti-smashing, bulletproof cloth anti-puncture, suede leather upper, beef tendon and wear-resistant soft sole.

This pair of steel toe welder boots use high-quality suede leather to prevent burns and sparks, and protect your feet from burns; One-step convenient zipper, the shoe mouth is comfortable and close to the skin, effectively prevents welding slag from splashing, and protects your feet in all directions; The toes are made of European standard steel . The toe can withstand 200J of pressure, effectively protecting the feet from injury. The toe cap has a built-in “Kevlar body armor material”, which is soft and easy to bend, and can be walked and pierced; beef tendon outsole, strong and thick wear-resistant iron filings; V-shaped pattern, stronger grip, soft and comfortable , Protect the soles of the feet while considering the shock absorption effect.



  • 1.Steel Toe Protection

  • 2.Electrical Protection
  • 3.Easy To Put On And Take Off

  • 4.Anti Spark, Splash Proof
  • 1.Poor Air Permeability

  • 2.Poor Slip Resistance

4.2Fire spark steel toe welding work boots for welders

Details On Teenro ®

This steel toe welding work boots by MKsafety® is one of the most popular welding boots for welders

This pair of steel toe welder boots has a steel toe cap, padded protective cover and steel midsole. The purpose is to prevent heavy objects from hitting and splashing sparks and provide great protection. The work boots have a sturdy rubber outsole and SRC grade to keep your feet stable. At the same time, the sole also provides protection against electric shock.

Welder work boots are wear-resistant and durable, and are made of full-grain leather, which has the characteristics of waterproof and high temperature resistance. The leather is connected by double stitches, which greatly strengthens the firmness of the upper.

4.3Mid top smooth leather wearable good welding boots

Details On Teenro ®

This is a good welding boots made of high-quality materials. For welders, it is an ideal and convenient welding shoes.

Unlike work boots made of hard leather, this work boots uses soft, smooth grained leather. This leather is also waterproof, resistant to high temperatures and abrasion. Because it is relatively soft, it is not easy to wear.

The PU injection sole of MKsafety® is known for its superior slip resistance and stability. Although the PU sole is oil and water resistant, it is not resistant to high temperatures. Do not step on electrodes made of hot metal during welding



  • 1.Convenient Design
  • 2.Suitable For Welder
  • 3.Wear-resistant And Durable
  • 1.Poor Air Permeability

4.4Brown suede anti slip comfortable leather welding boots

Details On Teenro ®

Teenro®-leather welding boots also have an excellent appearance design, imitating the appearance of Chelsea boots, using stretch cloth, easy to put on and take off, all-round suede leather upper can effectively prevent sparks during welding

From the perspective of welding requirements, the design of injection-molded shoe soles is required to be resistant to electrical hazards. The sole of this pair of leather welding boots can prevent electrical breakdown.

This pair of work boots also increase the comfort of the design structure: for example, the internal fabric is breathable, the removable shock-absorbing insole, including the sole, is also a flexible injection-molded sole.

4.5 High quality pull-on best work boots for welders

Details On Teenro ®

Teenro®-best work boots for welders are currently the highest value, highest quality and best welder shoes we produce

The appearance and practicality of this boot are the best. Wellington’s appearance, high-quality high-temperature-resistant leather upper and tire outsole that also withstand high temperatures, combined with high-level manufacturing technology, can ensure that this work boot can be guaranteed. 6 months

The design of the safety function is also an essential part of it: built-in ASTM standard steel toe, also up to the standard steel midsole, double protection, so you no longer be afraid of danger

It also has outstanding performance in terms of comfort. The shock-absorbing and rebound insole, the multi-layer structure of the ventilated mesh, reduces the pressure on the foot, and easily relieves the long-term squatting position of welding and the soreness of the standing position.


Using suitable welding boots is the best way for you to avoid the dangers caused by welding.

Welding risks are real. Sparks, spatters and welding rods of high-heat materials are the main hidden dangers that cause danger. In addition, other hazards cannot be ignored, such as falling tools, heavy materials and injuries caused by welding gas cylinders. At the same time, there are dangers from the soles of the feet, such as water stains, oil stains, wires used in electric welding, etc.

At the very least, you need a pair of sturdy, smooth leather boots with no exposed areas that might catch sparks and splashes.

I hope that after reading it, I can get you a little knowledge about welding boots and shoes, welcome to leave a message below, thank you

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