Smash-proof safety boots are used for several years

Smash-proof safety shoes refer to a type of work shoe that is used by operators to prevent accidental crushing on their feet during work, usually called smash-proof safety shoes.

The manufacturing process and selection of materials for anti-smash safety shoes is very sophisticated due to the special anti-smash nature of the shoes. The United States has clear standards for safety footwear

I. Useable life or shelf life of anti-smash safety shoes
1, in terms of national standards, in line with the national standard of safety shoes qualified products, the state mandatory implementation of the three package policy, broken bottom, broken surface, open rubber after a month package exchange package refund.
2, the actual operation, the use of safety shoes period mainly depends on the safety shoes used in the work environment, the user use state, the environment is good to use low intensity wear a year to three years can be. In the case of harsh environments such as chemical plants and electroplating workshops, three months is about right because of the extreme corrosiveness. Therefore, there is no hard and fast rule for the replacement of safety shoes. The main considerations are: safety performance, comfort and quality.

3, because many safety shoes in order to reduce the weight of the shoe itself, more use polyurethane foam bottom, long time stock has hydrolysis phenomenon.

(The use of polyether-type polyurethane is resistant to hydrolysis performance, but this depends on which type of polyurethane you are, after all, polyurethane is more than one, there are TPU, PU, TPR and so on)

Second, the selection and use of safety shoes
1. In addition to choosing the right type of safety shoes and boots according to the operating conditions, they should also fit well and make people feel comfortable when wearing them, which is very important.

Insulating shoes for electricians

2、Protective shoes should have a non-slip design, not only to protect people's feet from injury, but also to prevent accidents caused by operators being slipped.

3, a variety of different performance of protective shoes, to meet the technical indicators of their respective safety performance, such as the toes are not smashed, the soles of the feet are not pierced, insulation and electrical conductivity requirements. However, safety shoes are not a panacea.
4, before using safety shoes should be carefully checked or tested, in electrical operations and acid and alkali post operations, safety shoes are prone to breakage and have cracks, so special posts should be actively and regularly checked whether the safety shoes are still up to standard, with or without breakage, for example: electrical insulating shoes, anti-static shoes, all require a regular testing system.

5. Safety shoes should be properly stored after use, and rubber shoes should be rinsed with water or disinfectant and dried after use to prolong their service life.

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