Range values for anti-static shoes

Anti-static shoes are a special purpose shoes, this kind of shoes because of the safety issues involved is more serious, so the production must be in accordance with national standards, in order to be considered qualified, but there are still private transactions on the market does not meet the national standards of the three no products, once used there will be a great safety risks, but there are many customers do not know how much the range value of anti-static shoes, so there is no way to determine whether it meets the standard? Now Teenro safety shoes anti-static shoes manufacturer to tell you, please see below for details. (What are the prescribed range values of anti-static shoes and what are the ranges of use of shadow anti-static shoes)

What are the prescribed range values of anti-static shoes?

1, anti-static shoes sole resistance value is generally between 10^6-10^9Ω, this is an important reference value.
2、The sole material is generally PU, SPU, PVC, EVA, etc., this specific depends on the demand purchase requirements
3、The size is generally between US5#-US15#, this is not a special requirement, according to their own foot size can be
4、The fabric of the shoes is generally with anti-static cloth, leather, canvas, special needs can be through customization.
5, the key requirements: in the appropriate location in the shoe, there is a clear sign, and to be inside the upper, playing the "anti-static" words. These are all in accordance with the standard regulations.
6, Teenro safety shoes have been strictly in line with national standards, can provide qualification reports and other information you need, you can contact us if you need.

What is the scope of use of anti-static shoes?
Because of the characteristics of anti-static shoes is the electrostatic conductor out of the human body, shoes will not precipitate dust, can be more effective dustproof anti-static, anti-static shoes used in general, including semiconductor production, electronic assembly, pharmaceutical industry and food and other industries.
When the production, Teenro safety shoes only product inspection standards before leaving the factory, the product are placed with a certificate of compliance, and a simple manual, all products are tested before handing over to customers, the qualified anti-static shoes will be applied to the workshop.

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