There are tips on how to easily buy safety work boots that fit your feet

In this hot weather, we wear sandals every day to cover our feet, not to mention heavy work boots, but for safety, all labor occasions must wear safety work shoes, so summer work boots cover the feet has been the pain point of the labor insurance industry, but now the labor insurance shoes manufacturers have developed a number of breathable summer labor insurance shoes, so summer work boots breathable which is good?

Nowadays, many people like to wear various kinds of functional safety shoes, but often the safety shoes they buy don't fit very well, not only are they uncomfortable, but they also don't have the full protective effect of the shoes. So there are tips on how to easily buy workplace safety shoes that fit your feet.

When standing, your feet will be slightly larger than when sitting, so if you just sit and try on the shoes, you will not be able to get the right size. When trying on shoes, it is best to stand up, preferably on one foot, for a while to test the stability and width of the shoe. If the shoe is unstable or if the foot falls to the sides, the shoe does not support the feet well and should not be purchased.

When walking, the foot carries all the weight of the body, so a good pair of shoes should be able to relieve this pressure. How well the shoe dampens the shock can be felt by simply jumping. In a good shoe, even if the sole is not thick, there is shock absorption at the heel of the shoe, so when you land, you can feel the soft elasticity and not twist your feet or "shock" your feet. If the palm of the foot is numb, the heel is painful and the sole is stiff to the touch when you land, the shock absorption effect is average.

Take at least 50 steps. Don't wear bare feet when trying them on, but wear cotton socks. Try on both feet at the same time, zip them up or lace them up, then stand up and walk around for a while to give your feet time to feel whether the shoes fit.

Walk a lot

If your toes feel squeezed, the shoe is not the right size and will squeeze your toes when you move.

Jump around
When trying on shoes, especially sports shoes, be sure to jog for more than 1 minute to see if your feet have a relaxed and comfortable feeling; stop sharply after jogging, if the shoes are slippery, it means that the friction of the sole is not enough and it is recommended not to buy them.

The above are tips for choosing safety shoes that fit, but remember that you must observe the appearance of the shoes before testing them to see if they are broken or obviously defective, and also remember to stand on hard ground when testing, not on soft surfaces such as carpets.

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