Teach you the tips to wear work shoes without stuffy feet, never worry about buying stepping on the wrong

Teach you the tips to wear work shoes without stuffy feet, never worry about buying stepping on the wrong

  skechers work shoes are generally used in work environments that are more dangerous and difficult, and workers naturally work longer hours in work shoes. So the comfort of work shoes for women is very important, and if you want to be good at what you do, you have to be good at what you do. work shoes for women as an aid to workers naturally have to be of good quality and comfort. So Teenro is here to teach you how to wear work shoes for women without stuffy feet, remember to collect them.

  The first step is to start with shoe selection: in fact, safety shoes as a protective function of the work of special shoes, want to not stuffy feet is indeed difficult, but we can start from the safety shoes style and material, from the root of the problem of stuffy or not stuffy feet. You can choose safety shoes with ventilation holes or natural leather shoes as far as the working conditions allow, because real leather shoes do not stuffy feet and are very breathable.
 Next is the choice of : some workers are afraid that safety shoes will be stuffy so they will wear them barefoot, but wearing safety shoes barefoot will rub and blister the feet, and not wearing socks will not work. So we have to wear a moderate thin socks, must be loose and comfortable, cotton and wool socks are very good, avoid silk socks and nylon. This will protect the feet as well as providing breathability. In your free time you can take off your shoes to give your feet some air.

  Finally, pay attention to ventilation: if you want safety shoes that don't stuffy your feet, a pair of insoles with good perspiration absorption is actually a better choice, such as the very hot bamboo charcoal fibre insoles, which absorb perspiration and breathe. It's important to remember to air out your feet as much as possible when you get home, air out your shoes and get new sweat-absorbing socks and insoles the next day. However, if you use these tips and your shoes are still stuffy, then it's a shoe problem and you can consider changing your shoes.

  new balance work shoes as an indispensable part of workers' foot protection, then how to buy new balance work shoes is also very important. A pair of good quality safety boots can add to the efficiency of workers, on the contrary, a pair of poor quality work shoes workers wearing uncomfortable, work efficiency will naturally decline, but also will cause complaints. So there is a trick to buying safety boots, come and have a look.

  1 Before choosing, you should first analyze what are the main causes of foot injuries to employees, and determine the main protective function requirements according to the needs of workers and the working environment, and choose the right safety boots.

  2 Secondly, you should check the production standard international standard, the logo including the standard number, the name of the manufacturer, the production date, the product name, and the product specificity. Of course, you should also carefully check the safety boots workmanship, a good pair of safety boots workmanship is very detailed, will not have a burr and uniform texture.

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