2022 Summer Working Shoes Guide

Summer working shoes are also called summer safety shoes or safety sandals, work sandals, etc. Nowadays, there are some new types of safety shoes, which are different from traditional safety sandals, but they use breathable woven fabrics to ensure breathability while reducing The weight of safety shoes. This kind of safety shoes will also be used in our hot summer. Summer safety shoes are also a type of safety shoes industry. If its quality is not good or our choice is improper, it can cause far more harm. Much larger than ordinary shoes. This article is about Summer working shoes guide, I hope it can bring you some help.


1.The effect of the hot summer on the feet


The hot summer is the season where the human body consumes the most. Living and working in a high temperature environment, we must pay special attention to the foot problems caused by work

  • 1.Sweat easily

    :Although it is exposed, in summer, my feet sweat more than in winter. When necessary, the antiperspirant used under the armpits can also be used for antiperspirant on the feet.Prevent the growth of bacteria and cause foot diseases

  • 2.Easy to swell

    : In summer, the problem of swelling of the feet will be more obvious, and it is easy to make people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, whether you are sitting or standing, move your feet more consciously, and when you lie down, raise or raise your feet.

2.Why can’t we wear slippers to work? -We need summer working shoes


Summer is hot, and it often rains and thunders. Many people choose to wear flip flops to work and go shopping. But in summer, foot care is very important. In summer, the exposed time of feet is longer than in winter. Long-term exposure to the sun will affect the health of the feet.

Wearing flip-flops for a long time will also cause a certain hazard to the feet. Wearing flip-flops for a long time will cause excessive stretching of the calf muscles. At the same time, flip-flops expose the toes to the air, making them lack of protection, increasing the pressure on the arch and surrounding ligament tissues. If the foot care is improper, foot inflammation will occur, and severe cases will lead to pressure fractures of the phalanx.

Therefore, it is best not to walk in flip flops for a long time, let alone work in flip flops. We need to wear protective summer safety shoes to work.

3. The 20+ Summer working shoes in Teenro

3.1 Waterproof  leather breathable sandal style summer working shoes

Details On Teenro®
This is a pair of sandal model summer working shoes. The upper is made of full-grain leather and  lining, which is breathable, antibacterial, moisture wicking and perspiration. The comfortable  insole is ergonomically designed and made of EVA lightweight material, which is antibacterial, soft and reduces vibration.

The thickness of the heel is 12 mm. The advantage of this is to obtain a better impact reduction effect. The dual-density non-slip polyurethane sole provides more support and traction. The support area reduces the pressure on the foot. It has the function of insulation and wear resistance. It also has a certain degree of elasticity, which increases the comfort.

In the toe part of this pair of summer working shoes, a stainless steel toe cap and a steel midsole are built-in. They mainly play a protective role, and this pair of safety shoes have passed EN standards and ASTM standards.



  • 1.Safety Sandals

  • 2.Breathable And Shock-absorbing
  • 3.Cost-effective

  • 1.Not High Abrasion Resistance

3.2 Black low cut velcro design sandal summer steel toe shoes

Details On Teenro®

This kind of summer steel toe shoes are sometimes called work sandals. These summer safety shoes are equipped with a quick Velcro fastening system. They are very popular among workers in the hot summer weather. They have a wide range of applications and can be seen in various industries. And people who work.

This safety sandal style adopts black shiny top leather upper, which is comfortable, noble and classic. It can be worn by both men and women. It is of universal size and is very suitable for men and women.

The unique large cuts on the upper are to quickly drain sweat and avoid the accumulation of peculiar smells on the feet, making it your best choice when working in high-temperature rooms or hot outdoors. These cuts can also improve comfort.

The dual-density injection molded material of the sole provides good traction and is combined with the  system. In this way, you as users will not worry about the risk of slipping and have a longer lifespan.



  • 1.Summer Steel Toe Shoes

  • 2.Wearable Leather
  • 3.Waterproof And Oilproof
  • 1.Limited Comfort

3.3 Black esd anti static best safety shoes for summer

Details On Teenro®
The best safety shoes for summer as a series of safety sandals are designed for the electronics industry and workers who refuse static electricity. The upper is made of wear-resistant leather and comfortable lining. It is completely made of PU material with antibacterial and deodorant properties. It can release sweat in real time when wearing safety shoes for summer, and can also prevent ankle wear and ankle wear.

EVA ESD low-resistance insole, covered with a lightweight aromatic EVA fabric, has an ergonomic design and good shock absorption; it can prevent the formation of odors, keep your feet fresh, and most importantly, it can prevent Static electricity, even reaching the level of ESD. The sole is made of dual-density polyurethane injection molding, with low electrical resistance and excellent grip.

The strong tip made of composite material guarantees the safety of the toes and can absorb up to 200J of impact. It is built into the toe part of safety shoes for summer. It is resistant to bending and soft. APT board-anti-stab midsole, also through The new EN12568:2010 standard was tested, which stipulates that it needs to withstand a puncture force of up to 1100N



  • 1.Best Safety Shoes For Summer
  • 2.Within Composite Toe

  • 3.Breathable And Comfortable

  • 1.Higher Price

3.4 White pharmaceutical industry ESD hot weather work shoes

Details On Teenro®

This pair of ESD hot weather work shoes is very suitable for the working environment where safety is the most important thing in the medical equipment industry. In fact, they use special upper made of microfiber leather, a special latest wear-resistant leather, which is elastic and resistant. Chemical reagents, anti-wear. Has a high degree of breathability and excellent comfort.

The white polyurethane sole of ESD hot weather work shoes makes the shoes light and flexible. Due to its softness, it can reduce impact during work and walking. The special sole pattern design has great anti-skid performance even on smooth surfaces, and the water channel system ensures the soles are clean. This ESD insole is soft and comfortable, with low resistance, while releasing freshness and keeping your feet dry

This is a comfortable, beautiful, anti-static work shoe that can be used in hot summer. The impact resistance is up to 200J composite toe. Antistatic and anatomical EVA insoles with different modules.



  • 1.ESD Hot Weather Work Shoes

  • 2.Electronics And Medical Device Industry
  • 3.ESD Protection
  • 1.Higher Price

3.5 High-value technological sense summer safety shoes

Details On Teenro®

When Teenro® designed these summer safety shoes, we gave up a lot of obvious shoe-making experience. These shoes have been newly developed and carefully manufactured to provide you with the best foot experience.

This pair of summer safety shoes includes  EVA insoles, which can provide you with sustained and stable shock absorption. The replaceable design also extends the life of this safety shoe. The open-cell foam on the insole removes the moisture generated during walking from the sole of the foot. This, combined with the absorbent fabric, keeps the air circulating and refreshing in the shoe.

The latest feature of this pair of summer safety shoes is our latest sole technology. The sole made by this technology not only looks stylish, but also provides reliable stability for your feet. And to return energy to your feet, anti-fatigue, to help you complete long-term work, the sturdy stainless steel toe can protect you from heavy objects hitting and squeezing.



  • 1.Summer Safety Shoes

  • 2.Good Looking
  • 3.Newest Technology
  • 1.High Price

3.6 Yellow rubber outsole non slip breathable summer work shoes

Details On Teenro®
If you are pursuing good-looking work shoes in breathable summer work shoes, this pair of breathable summer work shoes will become your best choice. This pair of work shoes is designed with high quality and high value. Hope to give you lasting comfort and excellent stability, so hurry up and place an order with us.

Get this pair of breathable summer work shoes, you will immediately notice the beautiful and exquisite upper. They are made of durable KPU reinforced layer components and microfiber uppers. When designing these yellow work shoes,Teenro® borrowed from the unique styles of sports training shoes. Of course, in addition to the good-looking upper, there is also a sturdy stainless steel safety toe. These safety toe caps are widened, do not connect to the feet, and have excellent protection, which can protect your toes from injuries in the workplace.

This pair of breathable summer work shoes rubber outsole is very cool. In fact, their heat-resistant temperature is as high as 150°C. The sturdy rubber outsole also has SRC-level slip resistance, allowing you to help you on a variety of smooth work floors.



  • 1.Breathable Summer Work Shoes

  • 2.New Design

  • 3.Non Slip And Wearable
  • 1.High Price

3.7 Black KPU strengthening layer breathable summer safety boots

Details On Teenro®

As one of the safety training shoes in the summer safety shoes series, these black mid-top summer safety boots are made of shock® rubber sole, which can provide the wearer with maximum cushioning and comfort. Professional Teenro®shoe designers also added lightweight EVA insoles to achieve excellent cushioning.

The black summer safety boots use a hard steel toe, which can avoid the danger of impact and compression. And has passed ANSI/ASTM I75/C75/EN certification, so that you can be more assured and safe to buy.

Since the insole also has static dissipative properties, it reduces the accumulation of static electricity on you and the electronic equipment, thereby improving the safety of the electronic equipment.

The rubber outsole is the basis for the stability of this pair of summer safety boots. It has strong slip resistance and provides stability on a smooth surface. Added heel protection to prevent heel wear.

Summer safety boots have a breathable functional lining that prevents moisture from entering, ensuring that your feet stay dry and comfortable all day long.



  • 1.Summer Safety Boots

  • 2.New Design

  • 3.Lightweight And Comfortable

  • 1.High Price

3.7 Grey comfortable and light summer work boots

MKsafety® - MK1095 - 两种颜色的舒适轻便安全脚趾工作鞋

Details On Teenro®
Are your feet currently safe? Are you worried about the danger of slipping, falling, falling tools, and electric shock? Are you still worrying about the hot summer weather? You should choose summer work boots to get this pair of work boots. They are designed to provide good-looking, comfortable work boots.

These summer work boots are designed with a protective toe cap and meet the requirements of the safety standard ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 EH. Passed the test of just Baotou, which means it can protect your toes when it is in danger.

The polyurethane outsole provides not only non-slip protection, but also insulation protection. You don’t have to worry about avoiding smooth surfaces, you will be able to concentrate on your work.

Last but not least, these summer work boots are very comfortable. Their sporty appearance design does not feel bulky, they are comfortable and support your feet.


For me, I would recommend the first pair of summer safety sandals from top to bottom. For me, these summer working shoes are more common, safe and reliable, breathable and comfortable. This is the most cost-effective summer working shoes. This is just my personal opinion, for reference only.

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