It is advisable to choose summer work shoes

It is advisable to choose summer work shoes in a larger size if they are comfortable to wear and do not fall off.

Unlike ordinary shoes, the soles of summer work shoes also have an impact on protection, which is an important indicator when choosing summer work shoes. For summer work shoes, the right size affects not only the comfort of your feet, but also the protection. For example, if the summer work shoes are too small, they will cause the steel head to be too low, and once they are hit hard, the toes will be easily injured.

Summer lightweight work boots size selection advice: first you must take the correct posture, legs parallel, weight evenly distributed, keep an upright posture to try on. If you feel pinched or uncomfortable, it is recommended that you try on a larger size of summer labour protection shoes, with the toe and toe part of the shoe leaving a certain amount of space to move in order to wear comfortably.

The size of a person's left and right feet are not exactly equal, so when choosing a size you should refer to the data for larger feet. The size of the foot will change at different times of the day, with the largest in the afternoon, so it is advisable to try on or measure in the afternoon. The first fitting is best done on hard ground, as too soft ground is usually inaccurate.

The first rule of thumb when choosing summer composite shoes is to go for the largest size possible as long as they are comfortable to wear and don't fall off your feet, so that they can perform their protective function well. Wear on the soles of summer composite shoes can affect the protective effect, especially in the case of insulating shoes, where the soles are badly worn and the insulation is reduced, so to ensure the safety of your work, pay more attention when using them and replace worn summer composite shoes in serious cases.

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