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Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station

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TEENRO and Jackery co-branded collaboration
Portable Power Station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator. Equipped with AC outlet, DC carport and USB charging ports, they can keep all your gear charged, from smartphones, laptops, to CPAP and appliances, like mini coolers, electric grill and coffee maker, etc. 

Immense Capacity:The Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 offers gigantic charging capacity at 2,160Wh, perfect for outdoor off-grid activities including camping and RVing, whilst suitable for home emergency use. Powering a host of your appliances - hot plates, blenders, air conditioners and more.

First-rate Fast AC Charging:Fully charged using 6 SolarSaga 200W solar panels in only under 2 hours and in an incredible 2 hours via AC wall outlet. The optimum charging experience - charge away in no time while off the grid.

Immediate Press & Play:At a simple press of a button - access to outstanding charging efficiency is ready to you in seconds. The Explorer 2000 Pro provides under 53DB when charging - guaranteeing whisper-quiet and peaceful charging.

Exceptional Safety:Safety has been taken to an all new level with the quality lithium battery. Housing two chips for dual battery protection and four temperature core detectors, delivering a superb blend of safe and reliable charging.

Magnificent Pass-through Charging:Featuring brand new pass-through charging - this lets you charge away in no time at all even with essential devices still plugged in. Quick and convenient charging at your fingertips.

The portable power station supports pass-through charging. This allows you to charge your power station, with essential devices still plugged in, meaning you can charge on the go quickly and conveniently.

Warranty: A 3-year warranty on regular purchases,
Content Includes:1* User Manual, 1*AC Charge Cable, 1* Car Charge Cable, 1*Jackery Explorer 2000 PRO Portable Power Station.

Free shipping: 30-day returns
USPS Dispatch: 3-7 days
Currently orders to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and other US islands can’t be delivered. 

Absolute Power

Delivering enormous charging capacity at 2,160Wh, this groundbreaking Explorer powers all your imaginable appliances including hot plates, full sized refrigerators, air conditioners and more. It's all ideal - taking your amazing familty trips to the next level, adventuring with power to the beautiful unknown, and off-griding to the most inspiring scenarios. You have the power to impress.

Go Green

The Explorer 2000 PRO emits no toxic gases, operating extremely cleanly - causing no harm to the environment. Moreover, the product operates with less 53DB, ensuring whisper quiet and peaceful charging.

Capacity:2160Wh (43.2V 50Ah)
Cell Chemistry:Lithium-ion Battery
Lifecycle:1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity
Management System:
BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection

AC Adapter:2 Hours
12V Car Adapter:24 Hours
6x SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel:2.5 Hours
4x SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel:4 Hours
2x SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel:7.5 Hours

AC Output:120V, 60Hz, 2200W (4400W Peak)
USB-A Output:Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max
USB-C Output:100W Max, (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A)
Car Port:12V,10A
AC Input:120V, 60Hz, 15A Max
DC Input:11V-17.5V, 8A Max, Double to 8A Max
17.5V-60V, 12A, Double to 24A/1400W Max

Weight:43 lbs (19.5 kg)
Dimensions (LxWxD):15.1 x 10.5 x 12.1 in (38.4x26.90x30.75cm)
Operating Usage Temperature:14-104F (-10-40℃)
Warranty:3 Years
Optional Accessory:Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel

Q1: Can the product be brought on board a plane?
A: No, because this product is a lithium battery. According to the International Standards & Regulations for the Transportation of Hazardous Materials, no lithium batteries with more than 100 watt hours may be allowed in carry-on bags.

Q2: Why is there sound when using?
A: The product adopts an air-cooled system, and the built-in fan helps the product to cool better. Slight noise when using is normal.

Q3: Can I charge the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro while a device is plugged in?
A: Yes, you can. When charged with AC input, it supports a maximum power output of 1800W. When charged with AC input + DC input ( i.e. solar charging or car charging) simultaneously - it supports a maximum power output of 1800W. When charged with DC input (i.e. solar charging or car charging), it supports a maximum power output of 2200W.

Q4: How to keep this product when it is not used for a long time?
A: If the battery is to be unused for a long time (more than 3 months), it should be maintained at 60-80% of the rated capacity (it's recommended to check and charge every 3 months). Store it in a dry and cool place with temperature range between 0 ℃~40 ℃, and humidity 0%~60%. Avoid contact with corrosive substances, and far from fifire and heat sources.

Q5: Can it be used to jump start a car?
A: We are very sorry, but it cannot be used to jump start a vehicle. However, it can be used as power supply for automobiles. You can recharge the car via a Jackery power supply cord, which is available for purchase separately.

Q6: Why is the output to the low-power device automatically turned off after several hours?
A: In case of forgetting to turn off the output (causing the battery to drain), the Low Power Mode will be turned off by default. That is, when the port is connected to a small load device(AC Output≤25W, USB Output≤2W, Car Port≤2W) for 12 hours, the device will automatically be turned off. In case you want to resume recharging, press the car port button/USB button/AC button to restart the device. If you want to turn on the Low Power Mode, long press the AC Button and DISPLAY until the Low Power Mode icon appears on the screen. If you need to turn off the Low Power Mode, repeat the above operation until the Low Power Mode icon disappears on the screen.

Q7: Why does the USB Output operation indicator light up, the load device has no charging input or can't work normally?
A: Please check whether the load device is broken firstly. If the device is normal, press the USB Button to restart the output.

Q8: What's included in the packing list?
A: The following items are included: AC power cord, car charger cable, user manual, brand stickers and envelope.

1. For 30 days after customer receipt, customer may apply for a return and refund for any reason. Supplier will provide a full refund of the product after receipt of the returned good, and provide customer with a return shipping label.

2. Supplier provides a 24 month limited warranty from date of purchase covering exchanges due to manufacturing defects.

3. To request a return or submit a warranty claim, email picture/video evidence, customer name, and order number to

Warranty & Return
Limited Warranty
Teenro And Jackery Co-branded Collaboration Portable Power Station, warrants to the original consumer purchaser that the Jackery product will be free
from defects in workmanship and material under normal consumer use during the
applicable warranty period identified in the 'Warranty Period' section below, subject to
the exclusions set forth below.
1.Warranty Period
The warranty period for Jackery power products is 24 months. In each case, the warranty
period is measured starting on the date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser.
The sales receipt from the first consumer purchase, or other reasonable documentary
proof, is required in order to establish the start date of the warranty period.

Jackery will replace (at Jackery's expense) any Jackery product that fails to operate during
the applicable warranty period due to defect in workmanship or material. A replacement
product assumes the remaining warranty of the original product.
For any exchange request please send to firstly, Jackery will
assess whether it comply with our exchange policy. Then customers need to stick a label
sent by Jackery including necessary information on the return item for the exchange
request, after return item is received, Jackery will send a replacement and tracking
information to the customer within 2 business days.

Jackery offers a 30-day money back guarantee for goods. We are confident that you will
love your new Jackery product. However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply let
us know within 30 days. Once we receive the product and confirm the validity, we will
refund the full purchase price.
For any refund request please send to firstly, Jackery will
assess whether it comply with our refund policy. Then customers need to stick a label
sent by Jackery including necessary information on the return item for the exchange
request, after return item is received, Jackery will inform TEENRO refund is confirmed.

4.How to Return / Refund
Workflow: buyer contact Teenro --->Teenro email -->FedEx Return shipping label -->buyer stick the label on the return item and send
to the Fedex station --> Jackery receive the return item and confirm the return/refund

5.Return Policy Basics

lReturn all items using the original packaging (if available). The delivery form or invoice
must be attached to the returned items.
lItems must be returned completely, including all components.

lItems must be sent to Fedex station within 4 working days after Jackery's shipping label
is received by the buyer.
lJackery will send the replacement with 2 working days after the returned item is received.
lJackery have the right to refuse replacement/refund if the returned item is different from
the order’s, or if the returned item is not delivered to Jackery successfully ( For example,
the returned item is missing or due to any other reason)

Jackery's warranty/Exchange/Refund does not apply to:
·Misused, abused, modified, damaged by accident, or used for anything other than
normal consumer use as authorized in Jackery's current product literature.
·Attempted repair by anyone other than an authorized facility
·Any product purchased through an unauthorized channel.
·Jackery's warranty does not apply to the battery cell unless the battery cell is fully charged
by you within seven days after you purchase the product and at least once every 6 months
Customer Support :,
7.Limited to Original Consumer Buyer
The warranty on Jackery's product is limited to the original consumer purchaser and is
not transferable to any subsequent owner.


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