Summer Work Boots Wearing and Maintenance Precautions

Summer is a time of high temperatures and rain, especially for outdoor jobs, which have high requirements for the performance of safety shoes. Depending on the working environment, especially for outdoor workers, factories and enterprises will equip workers with summer safety shoes.

As summer work boots last longer and are more prone to sweating than winter work boots, attention should be paid to enhancing the maintenance of the boots to improve their service life.

No matter what kind of summer work boots you wear, it is best to rotate two pairs every other day. If the security department only issues one pair, they should be placed in a ventilated and breathable place to dry out during the work break, which is easier to do in summer, as long as it does not rain.

2. In summer, it is recommended to wear sweat-absorbing cotton socks for comfort.

New summer safety shoes

3. change and wash your socks regularly during your work breaks, and it is best to wash your work boots with a brush to prevent the growth of mould.

4. regarding summer work boots, after the change of season for the time being, when not wearing them, make sure to brush the surface of the shoes and dry them in a ventilated place for a few days. Put them in the shoe box issued, if the conditions allow you to put some moisture-absorbing desiccant, in short, to avoid the arrival of the next summer, the phenomenon of moisture and mould, avoid putting them in the basement, shoes because put in the basement, there has been experience of mould, basically brush out! Keep in mind

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