Are chef's shoes the same as slip resistant shoes?

We know that work shoes are used to keep workers' feet safe and their role and effectiveness varies depending on the nature of the working environment and the needs of the job. For general functions, we know that they are smash and puncture resistant, acid and alkali resistant and anti-static, etc. Today's article is a closer look at the difference between the two types of labour protection shoes, chef shoes and anti-slip shoes.

  What are kitchen shoes
  Kitchen shoes are generally a type of work shoe for hotel and restaurant chefs to use, due to its role and characteristics in different industries. For example, food processing plants or bathing centres. The general characteristics of chef shoes are anti-slip, anti-smash and oil resistant, because the kitchen floor is relatively slippery, so according to this environment the chef shoes made can mainly be oil resistant and anti-slip on the ground with water and oil, and the soles can also be anti-corrosion, not easy to be rotten. Of course, they also have to be made with a smash-proof toe to prevent choppers or sharp, heavy objects from hitting the feet. The best material for this type of shoe is natural cowhide, which increases the breathability of the chef's shoes, absorbs moisture and is odour-proof.

What are non-slip shoes?

  After reading the above kitchen shoes, you may think that kitchen shoes are not slip resistant shoes. However, non-slip shoes are only slip resistant and other features are not as comprehensive as kitchen shoes. The material of the sole is the most important thing, as a better non-slip sole is also more wear-resistant and lighter. The grooves on the sole are also an important point, so choose a shoe with a deeper and more hooked sole for better performance. So slip resistant shoes are a little more specific than chef shoes.

【 slip-resistance】Meets ASTM 3445-21 slip-resistance standards,fights fatigue with energy return midsole construction and aggressive tread with deep self-cleaning lugs to keep you on your feet no matter the terrain or conditions.  

  Whether you choose kitchen shoes or slip resistant shoes depends on the nature of the job and the needs. If the working conditions are such that you just want to prevent slipping, then non-slip shoes are sufficient. If you want full foot protection and have the budget to do so, you can go for kitchen shoes. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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