The function of anti-slip work shoes depends on whether the following point is done well?

The quality of work shoes is directly related to the safety of people's bodies

Work shoes with safety features are an essential product for safe production. Usually we use insulated shoes, electrician shoes and anti-smashing safety shoes with outsole materials that are oil-resistant, slip-resistant, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, waterproof, elastic and fall-resistant. Heat resistant, impact resistant, easy to fit the foot shape, not easily deformed after shaping, thermal insulation, easy to absorb moisture, etc. These are also the basic functions of safety shoe soles.

So our work shoes anti-slip function must be particularly good, the basic function, without special attention? In fact, there are many factors that affect the slip-proof safety of insulated shoes, such as sole material, ground hardness, dryness and humidity, flatness, sole pattern, structure, etc. Anti-slip can basically be divided into two cases. The anti-slip effect on dry ground is usually referred to as dry anti-slip.

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The anti-slip effect when there is water on the ground is called wet anti-slip. For the anti-slip effect, the anti-slip function of work soles requires different shoes and soles designed to meet the requirements of different environments. Roughness safety insulated shoe soles with uneven sole patterns can effectively increase the actual contact area, thus increasing the friction and improving the anti-slip effect.

The structure, thickness and depth of different shades vary in terms of deformation and actual contact area with the ground. The design of the sole pattern of insulated and electrical shoes should take into account not only the dry contact surface, but also the wet contact surface. In short it is the material and pattern structure of the sole of safety and labour protection shoes that play an important role in their anti-slip and anti-skid function.

The quality of work shoes is directly related to the safety of people's bodies
The quality of work shoes is very important because they are directly related to people's physical safety. Choose work protection safety shoes according to the working environment, meet the most basic protection functions and ensure that the protection tests meet the standards and that manufacturers can provide test reports. From the appearance of the labour protection shoes, the quality can be checked from the following aspects.

To confirm the stability of work shoes, they can be placed on a flat surface, the contact point between the outer sole and the ground should be in the middle, the shoes should not sway back and forth, and the toes should be properly tilted.

As one of the components of a work shoe, it depends on how soft it is and how even the shine is. For suede labour protection uppers, whether the pile is short and even, and whether the tone is consistent.

Mainly to reinforce the surface of the work shoe, to prevent deformation of the upper and to improve the comfort of the foot. The material in the shoe should be breathable, absorb sweat well and not easily faded. In particular, the shoes should be free from creases during the sewing process.

The sole of a work shoe should be flat on the bottom and the outsole should be glued tightly.

The insole material should have good breathability and good resilience so as to effectively relieve the pressure of the user's weight on the foot when walking.

So when we buy work shoes, we must pay attention to these aspects, such as the upper, the shoe, the sole, the insole and the stability. There are no problems with any of these aspects. Overall, this shoe is a good quality work shoe.

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